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"That horsepower is required for mud hydraulics to keep the hole clean, and to drive the downhole motor and other devices. We have achieved as much as 6,000-foot laterals to date, and we are targeting 9,000-foot long laterals in the future." In most cases, it makes good sense for the rig to have the ability to skid, Denney states.

"In the Eagle Ford, if we can skid, our drilling expenses can be decreased as much as $500,000 a well," he says. Goodrich Petroleum is far from the only company that needs "high-spec" rigs with effective leading drives, raising systems and pumps. According to market sources, rigs with larger (+1,000) horsepower scores account for an estimated 60 percent of the active rig fleet.

Trent Latshaw, the founder and head of Latshaw Drilling in Tulsa, can verify that the demand for 1,000-2,000 horsepower rigs is high. He says the company's fleet, that includes 15 rigs within that variety, has 100 percent utilization. In Official Info Here , Latshaw reports that the only unused rig his business has on the books is a new, 1,700-horsepower diesel electric that is still under building and construction.

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"Closed-loop mud systems do away with the need for a reserve pit," he states. "The systems likewise processes drilling fluid more efficiently. They have the ability to take more solids from the drilling fluid, which makes it possible for more fluid to be recycled and makes the solids dryer and simpler to deal with.

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"We consider our 2,000-horsepower rig to be similar to our 1,500-horsepower rigs, other than for the drawworks size and the mast/substructure capability," he says. "The 2,000-horsepower rigs have the very same footprint and move as quick as the 1,500-horsepower systems, and for all useful functions, the day rates are the exact same." He also says diesel-electric SCR rigs are similar to A/C rigs.

"From the customers' point of view, they drill wells as fast as AC rigs." In referral to safety, Latshaw says people matter more than innovation. "You can try to design a piece of equipment that is accident proof, however safety boils down to the individuals on the rig flooring and what their state of minds are," he insists.

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